Trigon Android Mobile Executor

Trigon Evo is a powerful tool that allows you to run scripts, cheats, and hacks in Roblox. This means you can use things like aimbots, wallhacks, speedhacks, and more to gain an advantage over other players. Trigon Evo is a separate program that you run alongside Roblox, injecting the scripts into the game.

Trigon Android Mobile Executor


  • Best Support
  • Best Script Hub
  • Free To Use
  • Best User Interface
  • One-Click Teleportation
  • Advanced User Interface
  • Auto-Aim and Triggerbot options
  • Integrated Script Hub with the latest scripts
  • Customizable ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) options


  1. Uninstall your "Roblox" first
  2. Click the "Download Here" button below
  3. Install your downloaded apk file
  4. Open "Roblox" and play any game
  5. The executor will show up in a seconds
  6. Complete any key system if required
  7. Paste your script into the text editor
  8. Click Execute, and you're done

Download Link