Kiwi X External Roblox Cheat

An external cheat executes externally to the game process. Kiwi X External uses AI to collect and train model data such as an enemy's skin or color to better improve the cheat capabilities such as aim aligner accuracy, visual detection and more. We support a wide range of games and allow users to create their own configurations to build upon our product in any game where features like an aim aligner would be viable to use.

Kiwi X External Roblox Cheat


  • Load Model
  • Train Images
  • Auto Trigger
  • Aim Pattern
  • Show FOV
  • Aim Predictions
  • Highly Customizable
  • Accurate Aim Aligner
  • Undetected Features
  • Universal Game Support


  1. Open Roblox and start playing
  2. Click the "Download Here" button below
  3. Extract your downloaded zip file [Pass:123]
  4. Run as administrator the exe application
  5. You can Add a ONNX Model on bin folder
  6. Configure your settings and you're done

Download Link